I’m going to get a lot of use out of this


Will & Grace

"This must be what bad breath tastes like."

"Must be… all that… jazz."

My morning routine


Let me start of with Will and Grace. Well more Grace than Will. Recently I’ve been watching the entire seasons of Will and Grace and something has struck me. Fashion. Grace’s fashion is really… similar to today’s fashion. This season it is all about the aviator jacket, sheepskin and capes. But then again, apparently this was all the rage in 2002… 

weird huh? so much for originality.. its been and done! in 2002! either that or I’m way too observant.

Grace wore some great stuff, except for that cabbage patch thing from the episode “Newlyweds” in season 7. Seriously, look that one up

"Then again, not much does."

“Six women sitting around drinking cosmos and talking about penises and penis-hers.”

“My daughter’s a what?!”

“My daughter’s a what?!”